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// Richard Lindahl


Snowmobile dragracing - Piteć 16th of March

Its been a while, time for some snowmobile dragracing.
Nordic championships appearently.

Norrlands Motorhistoriker Fordonsutställning - Skellefteć 4-5th of May

Its been five years since the last car exhibition by Norrlands Motorhistoriker.
Excellent as always!


Midnight Sun Dragfestival - Piteć 8-9th July

Part one of Midnight Sun Dragfestival.

Midnight Sun Dragfestival - Piteć 14-15th July

Part two of Midnight Sun Dragfestival.

Umeć Open - Ćmsele 230916

Run what you brung, and hope you brought enough :)
Noprep racing in Ćmsele. Two classes - 10.5" and Outlaw.
Havent attended for a few years so this was a great!


Midnight Sun Dragfestival - Piteć 8-9th July

So, here are the pictures from this weekend.
Not quite as many competitors as one would have hoped,
but its been a few weird years with covid.


Test'n'Tune - Fällfors Raceway 210822
I've really missed this the past two summers.


Thats a wrap on 2020, basically.
Its been a really weird year.
I havent taken any pics at all.

Hang in there folks...


Found a few pics from Tullinge Raceway the other day.
Guessing we are talking 1999-2001, or something like that.
Could have used a better camera back then =)
And possibly a better scanner today...

Lightwater International Ice Oval - Ljusvattnet 190309
Grabbed the wrong jacket on my way out,
got the one without a hoodie, so it got cold in the wind...
It would seem that my 70-200VR lens didnt like the cold either.
Autofocus stopped working just in time for the finals.
Wanna buy me a Nikon or a Sigma lens ?
Feel free to go right ahead ;-)

Anyways, some pics actually turned out ok after all.

Norrlands Motorhistoriker - Skellefteć 190511
Its been another 3 years...
Time for the NMH motorshow again.
As usual, an excellent time at the hockeyrink.

Midnight Sun Dragfestival - Piteć 5-7th of July
Well, it was cold this year. And a bit of rain...
The weather was really against it all weekend basically.
Not that many pics as a result, but here they are. :-)

Gold Town SummerNats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 12-13th of July
Sunny and not too warm,
excellent raceweather if you ask me...

Unofficial results here.

Sorry about the handwritten stuff.
There was a database malfunction at the wrong moment.
Like there ever is a good time for that...

UmeOpen - Ćmsele 190914
Run what you brung. No prep racing.
Two classes - 10.5" and Outlaw.
Usually marks the end of the season as far as straight line racing goes.
Summer is well and truly over up here by September. ;-)

It started out really well, but the rain came during the afternoon
and unfortunently cancelled the whole thing after 4 hours of attempts
to get the track dry...


Lightwater International Ice Oval - Ljusvattnet 180310
Its been a few years since my last snowmobile event,
so I just had to go today.
The weather wasnt ideal for photography,
but here are a few pics that turned out kinda ok.

You really ought to check Katrina's pics too.
They turned out much better.

Midnight Sun Dragfestival - Piteć 6-8 July
Yepp... I was there, as usual.
Not quite as many pics as I would have liked,
but sometimes things just does work out as planned.
Was a great weekend all things considered though :-)

Gold Town Summer Nats 13-14 July
Soo... It was scorching hot this year.
Battery in my GoPro died in the heat,
so no movieclips this time.

But apart from that,
quite an excellent time was had =).

Unofficial results here.

Älgjaktssladden - Klutmark 180922
Last chance for some banger racing at the local track.
Weather wasnt the best, summer is truly over.
There was a bit of rain, some sun, wind and around +12C.
But a rather fun day never the less :-)


SDC5000 - DriveCenter, Fällfors 170520
So, it was about time to dust of the camera and get going.
First race of the SDC5000 cup in Fällfors.
Next race is the 3rd of June, I think.

Big thanks to the guys who helped me get my car unstuck.
Parking on the soft sand was a BIG mistake.

GoldTown Test'n'Tune - Fällfors 170527
Time for a test'n'tune session for the dragracers.
Weather reports werent that promising, but we got away
with a few very light showers.
Great day at the track all in all. =)

Brought the new GoPro Hero 5 black as well...
Just tried a small slowmo-clip with it.
Jonas shaking the tires with the Willys.
Download or YouTube

Midnight Sun Dragfestival - Piteć 7-9 july
Its the main event at Pite Dragway, 3 days of dragracing.
Not a scorching sun this year, so no burning sun tan ;-)
Thanks to SHRA Luleć for sending tickets to the event.

Gold Town Summer Nats - Fällfors 14-15th of July

Finally the pics are done,
took a bit longer than usual.
Sorry about that.

There is a bit of film as well...
Fredrik Holmgren with the prostreet Volvo.
Youtube or download.

Hampus Staflund in a Nova.
Youtube or download.

Daniel Jedborn had some really bad tireshake
when we had the cameras on the FED.
The gopro didnt like it and made a run for the trackside grass...
Survived surprisingly well though :)
Anyways, Youtube or download.

Unofficial results are available here.

UmeOpen - Ćmsele 170916
Well, summer is most certainly over.
It was a cold and the rain wasnt far away...
But the last time for some straightline racing.
Pics and a small video as usual.


Car Show - Skellefteć 160507
Norrlands Motorhistoriker had arranged a car show at the
icehockey stadium to start off this summers car events.
Approx 400meters from home, there was no excuse for not going =)

Midnight Sun Dragfestival - Piteć 8-10 July
Time for the big 3 day event at Piteć Dragway.
Good quality racing as usual, but I do miss the nitro cars ;-)
Anyways... here are the pics that made it passed quality control.

GoldTown SummerNats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 15-16 July

The pics are done, finally.
Full gallery from the weekend ended up at 316 pics.
No video this year, there just wasnt enough time.

Big thanks to everyone involved!
Sponsors, drivers & mechanics, track crew
and everyone I else forgot.
Hope to see you again at the track next year!

Unofficial results are available here.

Crosskart - Skellefteć 160730
Its been a few years since I last saw some crosskart racing,
so Klutmark motorstadium was the place of the day.


Car Show - Skellefteć 150613
Norrlands Motorhistoriker had a car show/meeting at the
local baseball field today, and they usually have a good
blend of vehicles. I just had to be there.

Krantz Challenge - Gumboda Hed 150704
Car show with a twist.
Winner is decided through spectator votes
in a dragracing style elimination.

Midnight Sun Dragfestival - Piteć 10-12 July
So, here are the pics from Midnight Sun Dragfestival.
Friday was delayed by the rain, and Saturday was a bit cold.
But Sunday was great, sunny and not a cloud in sight.

GoldTown SummerNats 2015 - Fällfors, Skellefteć 17-18 July
Here are the pictures from GoldTown SummerNats 2015.
Great weekend at the track with alot of work.
Weather stayed on our side, so the rain held off
until ~1h after the finals had been run.

Unofficial results are available here.

I managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of film as well.
Flashpoint Racing with Daniel Jedborn at the wheel
kindly gave my GoPro a ridealong during qualifying.
Youtube or mp4 for download.
720p at 60fps is nice =)


Track Day - Fällfors 140511
So its finally time for some motoring...
Trackday at Drivecenter arranged by RaceiNorr.
Its not a whole bazillion of pics since I arrived late
and felt a bit lazy =)

Test'n'Tune - Fällfors, Skellefteć 140531-140601
Saturday was a rainout.
Nothing else to say about it, basically.
Sunday was a blast though =)

A bit of video was made too,
although I wish it had turned out better.
There is quite a bit of jello in em...

Jörgen Holmgren from Holmgren Racing.

Daniel Jedborn from Flashpoint Racing.

Unofficial timeslips are here.

Midnight Sun - Piteć 4th-6th of July
Yay! The pics from Saturday and Sunday are done. =)
I wasnt there on Friday due to the bad weather, so that round of
qualifying was missed out on. But shit happens...

Gold Town Summer Nats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 11th and 12th of July.

Its time to rock'n'roll in Fällfors.
It was HOT at the track, just a few C under 30.
And with a scorching sun beeming down.
Tracktemp was +49C when I checked during the lunchbreak.

Unofficial results and timeslips are here.

Full photogallery from the weekend can be found here.

An onboard video with Fredrik Holmgren and his Volvo 142
during qualifying was also made.
Its right here.

Skellefteć Motorfestival - Skellefteć 140907
I took a break from watching FIA dragracing finals
from Santa Pod in England to check out the new
motorfestival at the gokarttrack in Ursviken.
Took a few pics, but not alot.
I was a lazy bastard, so sue me... :-P


Seriösa MC - Örviken, Skellefteć 130302
Vintage snowmobile straightline racing...
And quite a bit of snow and wind,
dödssnökaos if it had been in Stockholm :-)
Just look for yerself in this small clip.
Anyways, 46 pics ended up in the gallery...

Lightwater Vintage Lakerace - Ljusvattnet, Skellefteć 130316
More vintage snowmobile dragracing...
Alot better weather today, -8C sunny and just a hint of a breeze.
This is winter at its best =)
Too bad I was a bit late, but I was just in time for eliminations...

Car and Bike show - Skellefteć 130511
Okej, its not racerelated, but usually NMH bring together
a good show. This time was no different in that aspect.
Best use of a hockeyarena I can think of ;-)

Midnight Sun Internationals - Piteć 5-6th of July 2013
Finally a dragrace within decent driving distance.
Although a bit low on drivers.
Friday ended with a massive downpour,
but Saturday was alot better.
Sunny, warm and no cleanups on the track.
And just one airplane landing :)

Gold Town Summer Nats - 12-13th of July - Fällfors, Skellefteć

Unofficial results are available here.

Finally the pictures are done...
317 of em made it past "quality control" =)
And here they are.

I had a crack at filming a bit too, but I totally suck at it...
Here are the attempts from friday and saturday
Friday is mostly semibad attempts at slowmotion stuff.
You have been warned. =)

Since I had a "808 #16 V2 - Lens D Car Key Chain Micro Camera"
(bought on ebay) along with me,
I figured it needed a proper high speed test.
So I chucked it on Fredrik Holmgrens evil Volvo 142 and hoped it would stay on.
Big thanks for that Fredrik!

Here is that movie... Dont expect gopro-style quality :)
Its a bit wobbly and on the second run the magnet I had glued on didnt quite
hold up to the vibrations and wind, so it turned right a few seconds into the run.
But hey, you get a free look at the Fällfors vegetation.

SDC 5000 - Skellefteć Drive Center, Fällfors 130803
Since I didnt remember it until I had breakfast, I arrived a bit late.
The event was low on drivers, only 5 teams had showed up for this event
which was race 3 of 5. Next is the 7th of September.
See the Skellefteć Drive Center website for more details in swedish.

With me this time I had another 808 keychain cam which hasnt got the wideangle lens,
and Team Ford Puma Racing let me send it along on the roof.
The bad news is that the microphone on this 808 was alot more sensitive to the wind
and completely drowned out the engine sound.

I had the "lens D" one facing backwards, but it stopped recording after 10 secs...
Prolly damaged from a quadcopter crash earlier this week.
Anyways, the 15 minute movie is here if you wanna see it =)

Norrcupen #4 - Ćmsele 130810
Quick twostroke mopeds was the goal of the day.
Unfortunently the weather gods did their best to ruin it.
It started to rain just 10 mins after I arrived in Ćmsele.
The brave and the fearless waited for it to stop and
did their best to race on the wet asphalt anyway.
So, here are a few pics...

Flatbottom boats - Stackgrönnan, Skellefteć 130811
This time I just had to be there.
V8's in flatbottom boats is just crazy fast.
And the shrimpsandwiches arent bad either =)

Das Auto Show #6 - Skellefteć 130907
Took a quick break from watching the dragracing from
Santa Pod in England and went to check out the
sixth annual "Das Auto" vdub meeting at Skellefteć Camping.
Quite a few really nice aircooled VWs...

Umeć Open - Ćmsele 130914
Grabbed the cameras and went to Ćmsele for the last chance for
some straight line racing this autumn... I guess.

Besides the pics I made an attempt at filming some stuff as well.
About 5mins of Jonas Lundberg in the Willys.
And another 8mins of misc car ridealongs featuring:
Gnuss - Pontiac Lemans
Fredde - Volvo PV
Tommy - Chevelle
Boström - Volvo Amazon
Staffan - Chevy Monza

Since racecars arent exactly known for being shakefree,
there is a bit of jello in the clips above.
Feel free to not email me about it. :-)


Burkarcupen #5 - Skellefteć 120121
Vintage snowmobile dragracing...
Yepp, its the race at Skellefteć Bilskrot again.
I arrived a bit late, so I missed the qualifying.
But there was plenty of racing still to be had.
Unfortunently it got a bit dark towards the end,
and I had left the SB-800 flash at home.
But here are the pics that turned out somewhat ok anyways...

Seriösa MC - Örviken 120303
yeah, more vintage snowmobile dragracing...
Recently purchased a used Nikon 35-70/2.8 that I wanted to try out a bit...
Even if its the old push-pull zoom, it didnt disappoint. I'm happy with it.
And as usual Seriösa MC is a relaxed and fun race.
Great weather too. =)

Bilprovningen - Skellefteć 120519
A day dedicated to enthusiast cars at the Department of Vehicle inspection.
Perfect time to fiddle with the new Nikon D800
and take the time trying some settings out.

Skellefteć Cruising - Skellefteć 120609
Just my luck, I arrived as the rain began and people left.
But I took a quick tour and snapped a few shots.

Stackgrönnans "Räkmuseum" - Skellefteć 120610
Grey and rainy weather but I had to check the flatbottom boats...
Stackgrönnans boatcafe has some really great schrimpsandwiches.

Lightwater Vintage Grassrace - Ljusvattnet 120616
Vintage snowmobiles on grass...
You just had to be there. =)

Midnight Sun - Piteć 6th-7th of July
The weather wasnt in a racing mood the entire time,
but a hardworking track crew did their best and we got some
racing anyway. Unfortunently the semis and finals got pushed
to sunday due to a rain shower late on saturday.
I called it quits at that point and stayed home on sunday...
But hey, theres a new race next weekend in Fällfors =)

Gold Town Summer Nats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 13-15th of July
Yeah, the highlight of the summer is here.

Unfortunently the weather gods were in a crappy mood,
so friday was a complete writeoff due to rain.
Saturday offered alot of racing, and rain...
But a hardworking trackcrew dried the track several times,
so we got going again each time.
Sunday was great, just a small squirt of rain...
All in all, good weekend at the track.
Apart from the rain, that is...

Results can be found here.
Courtesy of the SHRA Skellefteć timing crew, of course.

Stackgrönnans Bćtmuseum - Skellefteć 120804
Well, I just couldnt stay away from the flatbottom boats today either.
So here are a few pics =)

Guldrundan - Skellefteć 120811
Ok, so its not really that much race...
But it was a good afternoon with quite a wide
selection of nice oldie cars.

Das Auto Show #5 - Skellefteć 120901
It was a grey and rainy day, but things turned out quite ok.
And besides, it wasnt like I had anything else planned either :)


Burkarcupen #4 - Skellefteć 110129
Yepp, its time to start the year with some vintage snowmobile action.
The wind got a bit cold towards the end, even with the temperature
hovering a few degrees above freezingpoint.
The place to be was Skellefteć Bilskrot as usual.

Seriösa MC - Örviken 110226
Perfect weather after two weeks of icecold days.
Örviken was the place to be for some vintage snowmobile dragracing.

En dag pć Strippen - Piteć 110604
Yepp, I was there.
Quite windy, and with a lovely monsoon rain at noon. =)
Luckily it went away almost as soon as it arrived
and it dried up really quick.

Spring Championship - Piteć 110605
Now this is the weather we should have had yesterday.
Sunny, slight breeze and not a cloud in sight.
Too bad the number of drivers was a bit low...

Midnight Sun - Piteć 9&10th of July
So... here are the pics, although its alot less than usual.
But on the other hand, I had to work Friday and had some other
stuff to attend to on Saturday which delayed me quite a bit.
Give me a couple of million and it wont happen again. ;-)

Gold Town Summer Nats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 15-17th of July
Yeah, the highlight of the summer is here.
As a member of SHRA Skellefteć
I might be a bit partial though...
But just a tiiiiny bit :-)

Results can be found here.
Courtesy of the SHRA Skellefteć timing crew, of course.

Crosskart - Klutmark, Skellefteć 110723
Round three of the swedish championship.
Weather looked kinda crappy when I left home
but the rain managed to stay away and
it cleared up a bit.
Great day at the track after all.

Autumn championship - Piteć 27-28 August
I met my arch enemy quite early on saturday.
Result ?
smashed elbow (now in cast from shoulder to fingers)
and a D300 in need of repair.
I need to practice some running with hurdles
before next summer.

Being a stubborn bastard I soldiered on
with one hand and a light 50mm/1.8D.
But it efficiently puts an end to this
years racing photography.


Burkarcupen #3 - Skellefteć 100220
Its grim up north...
Vintage snowmobile dragracing at Skellefteć Bilskrot
I have to say is that -18C is frekkin cold!
when holding a camera for 2 hours.

Seriösa MC - Örviken 100306
Great weather today!
Its off to Örviken for vintage snowmobile dragracing again.

Car/Bike exhibition - Skellefteć 100509
Ok, so its not really that much race,
but there were some nice cars and bikes there
and I didnt have anything else planned for the day...
Besides, its like 600meters from home =)

Gold Town Spring Nats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 100529
Not the best of weather, but just a small drizzle of rain around noon.
So we got a bit of racing to kickstart the season =)

Results are to be found at SHRA Skellefteć

Gold Town Spring Nats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 100530
Dinner at 22:30... And of course I cant sleep after that.
Its 01:20 and the pics from sunday are done =)
But due to the rain I barely passed the 100 mark today.

Skellefteć Cruising - Skellefteć 100605
Not really racing, but I kinda like old american cars.
And there are worse ways to spend a saturday night.

Spring Championship - Piteć 100606
Another visit to a cloudy and somewhat cold dragstrip.
Whoever it is thats bogarting the summerheat needs
to send some my way rather soon.

Midnight Sun - Piteć 100709
I arrived a bit late, and unfortunently it would seem that
somehow I brought the rain with me.
It started to rain just as I parked the car... and it lasted 3 hours.
But on the bright side, I got more pictures from the pits than usual...

Midnight Sun - Piteć 100710
Well, once again it started to rain after lunch...
But besides that it was quite a good day.

Midnight Sun - Piteć 100711
No rain today, but I arrived really late at the track.
They were lining up for semis by the time I finally got there.
So the number of pictures is a bit lower than usual.

Gold Town Summer Nats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 100716
A bit cloudy, but quite warm...
Perfect day for some racing and avoiding a bad sunburn.

Gold Town Summer Nats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 100717
Its HOT at the track.
I must have had 4 liters of water at the track,
and I managed to get a bad sunburn on my arms.
Although I suspect that some of the guys without shirts
in the audience prolly had a worse night than me. =)

Gold Town Summer Nats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 100718
A total disaster of a day, atleast it feels like it.
Rain before lunch, and as the track got dry the timing
system developed a life of its own...
The poor timing guys fought the problem for the better
part of 4 hours before they had to throw in the towel
and surrender to the fact...
Life sucked pretty badly when we packed everything
up at the end of the day.

Autumn Championship - Piteć 100828
Its a grey, cold and rainy day...
It kept raining just enough to keep the track wet until around 14
and the track was almost dry by 16 when the rain started to drip again.
The race was called off for the day without a single pass had been run.
So I only have pics from the pits...

Das Auto Show #3 - Skellefteć 100904
Ok, so its not racerelated...
But I like aircooled VW's and it was less than a 5 minute walk from home.
And the weather was great =)


Eson Hill Race - Skellefteć 090130
-4C and a bit cloudy, off to the hillrace we go...
First time in the dark with the D300, so it could be better.
Kinda hard to ask for a rerun though :)

Burkarcupen #3 - Skellefteć 090221
After a week of "freezeyournutsoff" temperatures its just -4C outside.
Perfect timing for some vintage snowmobile dragracing at Skellefteć Bilskrot

Dont forget to check Katrinas pics as well at

Seriösa MC - Örviken 090307
More dragracing with vintage snowmobiles,
although not as many as two weeks ago at Bilskroten.
But there are worse ways to spend an afternoon :)

Lightwater Vintage Lakerace - Ljusvattnet 090321
Yet again its dragracing with vintage snowmobiles.
Prolly the last vintage event for me this winter...

Snowmobile Dragracing - Korpilombolo
Results from the snowmobile dragracing
in Korpilombolo 4-5th of April.
Courtesy of the Shra Skellefteć timing crew.

Streetrace - Fällfors 090502
First streetrace in Fällfors for 2009.
But just 8 drivers ?! Where are the rest ?
I wanna see YOU there next time =)

Gold Town Spring Nats - Fällfors 090530
Yepp, first visit to the local dragstrip.
With the customary sunburn... =)

Gold Town Spring Nats - Fällfors 090531
The customary sunburn is now a lovely shade of...
barbequed hot dogs... is prolly the best description.

Results from Gold Town Spring Nats in Fällfors
Courtesy of the Shra Skellefteć timing crew.

En dag pć Strippen - Piteć 090606
Not quite as many drivers as last year.
But man, I really hate rain and hail.
It was COLD! towards the end...

Skellefteć Cruising - Skellefteć 090606
Ok, so its technically not really racerelated.
But there were some really nice cars there.

Spring Championship - Piteć 090607
Rain delayed the start until 13.00...
And then at 15.30 it came back and cancelled the whole thing.
But the wheelie by Simon made the trip worth it anyways. =)

Midnight Sun - Piteć 090710
I arrived a bit late, so I missed the first 45 minutes or so...
But I figure that I'll get my fair share of dragracing anyways.
A 3 day compo is more that enough for me =)

Midnight Sun - Piteć 090711
I arrived late, and left early (well, sort of).
Might just as well work for the municipality *grin*
Anyways, here are saturdays pictures.

Midnight Sun - Piteć 090712
And here are the pictures from sunday...

Gold Town Summer Nats - Skellefteć 090717
Yay! Fridays pictures...

Gold Town Summer Nats - Skellefteć 090718
Saturday gave us 7 qualification rounds (I think),
and here are the pics that came out ok.

Gold Town Summer Nats - Skellefteć 090719
Its sunday and time for eliminations!
Results can be found at SHRA Skellefteć

Crosskart - Skellefteć 090722
Lets go check out some Crosskart,
its been a while since I last saw it in Piteć.
Round three of the swedish championships I am told.

Autumn Championship - Piteć 090830
Saturday was a complete writeoff due to rain.
And Sunday started out quite bad, but it cleared up in time.


Eson Hill Race - Skellefteć 080125
Ok, so its not the best pictures I've ever taken.
But I had just bought a SB800 flash and
was a bit eager to try it out a bit.
Consider them a work in progress, or something.

Sega Open - Sävar 080216
A quick trip south to Sävar for some laidback snowmobile action
on the Sega lake. A bit cold in the wind, but there are worse
ways to spend a Saturday.

Snowmobile cross - Skellefteć 080223
Time for some snowmobile cross,
round three of the northern division of the Swedish champs.
Unless I am totally mistaken =)

The latest results from the Snowmobile Dragracing in
Korpilombolo 1-2 of March.
Courtesy of the Shra Skellefteć timing crew.

Vintage snowmobile dragracing - Örviken 080308
Bought a new 17-55mm/f2.8 lens that needed to get some exercise.
Cloudy and rather grey weather isnt the best to start with,
but here are some pics anyways.

Vintage snowmobile dragracing - Skellefteć 080315

Great weather, and what better way to spend a Saturday than this...
I do love the smell of twostrokers on a sunny winterday :)

Iceracing - Sikeć 080321
Round four of the swedish iceracing championship for cars.
We're talking fast cars on tires with long spikes.
I wish the pics had turned out a bit better though...
But handheld at 340mm things could have been worse :)

The latest results from the Snowmobile Dragracing in
Korpilombolo 29-30 of March.
Courtesy of the Shra Skellefteć timing crew.

Lightwater Vintage Lakerace - Ljusvattnet 080329
Yepp, its time to go snowmobile dragracing vintagestyle again.
It got a bit cold towards the end, but it was fun
while it lasted :)

Streetrace - Fällfors 080503
Here we go, first race of the season at a rather snowy Fällfors.
But then walls of snow is much more Norrland than Armco guardrails :-)

Test'n'Tune - Ćmsele 080517
A day of Test'n'Tune in Ćmsele, and a taste of whats to come once
the dragracing season starts. But I hope the weather gets warmer :)

Bmwcs North - Ćmsele 080531
The ex military base in Ćmsele is once again the place to be with the Beemer club.
A warm and sunny day without sunblock, its amazing that I never learn...

Mopedracing - Skellefteć 080601

Yepp, its the annual race arranged by Trottlarna
Souped up vintage twostrokers on a gocart track.
Great way to spend a Sunday.

En dag pć Strippen - Piteć 080607
So, here we go... first visit at a dragstrip of 2008.
Sunny, but not scorching hot, so I havent gone red and crispy.
Sunblock with SPF 30 does help =)

Spring Championship - Piteć 080608
Weather started out great, but a it got a bit cold due to the wind towards the end.
But still at good day at the track.

There is a bit of video as well.
68megs of mp4 with a resolution of 368x272 pixels

Jan Lundholm going 7.33sek and 296km/h
in the supercharged prostreet Volvo PV.
22megs of mp4 with a resolution of 768x576 pixels.

Deep Forest Nats - Sundsvall 14-15th of June.
Arrived a bit late on Saturday, which meant that I missed most of
the first round of qualifying by the Competition cars.
Weather was a bit cold, and it started to rain by the end of the day.
Sunday was a complete writeoff.
Watched the rain in the pits until ~2pm
when I decided to head home instead...

Results from Aros Nats 2008 supplied by
the SHRA Skellefteć timing crew.
Official website for the compo is here

Results from Meca Raceway and Agroma Nationals.

Midnight Sun - Piteć 080711
Yepp, I was there... and here are the pics.
And now I am off to bed :)

Midnight Sun - Piteć 080712
And here is day two in Piteć...

Midnight Sun - Piteć 080713
Since the weather had other things in mind the eliminations took
quite some time, and at 22:40 I caved in and went home instead.
So I missed out on a few runs at the end...

Dont forget to check Katrinas pictures too.

Results from the race are here

Gold Town Dragrace - Fällfors, Skellefteć 080718
Here are fridays pics, now I am off to get some lunch :)
More pics will come as I get em done during the afternoon.

Gold Town Dragrace - Fällfors, Skellefteć 080719
A thai curry chicken from
Wok'n'Roll for lunch sure hit the spot.
So here are the pics from Saturday.

Gold Town Dragrace - Fällfors, Skellefteć 080720
And here are the pics from Sunday =)

Now there is video as well!
Shot with a el'cheapo videocam, so dont expect HD-quality stuff.
50 mins and 13 secs of mp4 at 720x576 pixels and 887 megs.

Remember to check Katrinas pictures too.

And the movie from Mats Alfredsson
384x288 pixels of xvid at 120megs.
It has some excellent shots of in car video,
so its a mustseethingie.

Streetrace - Fällfors 080802
Once again we go to Fällfors for at Test'n'Tune/Streetrace afternoon.
Bit short on drivers, but everyone got to drive until they've had enough :)
Still missed the "sävarmaffia" though...

Autumn Championchip - Piteć 080830
A grey, cold and slightly rainy Pite Dragway...
But it cleared up during the afternoon,
so we got a bit of racing going afterall :)

Autumn Championship - Piteć 080831
And here they are, the last batch from Piteć.
Weather was alot better, but summertime is over for sure.

Streetrace - Fällfors 080906
An afternoon of fun in the sun...
Alot of rodders and a few turbomachines.
Perfect way to spend an outdoor saturday.

And there is a bit of wobbly video as well,
13.55 minutes of it in fact.
720x576 at 374megs
368x272 at 76megs

Trouble watching it ?
Download vlc from

Results from Winternationals at Meca Raceway.

Rock'n'Race Party #2 - Skellefteć 081004
I brought the camera and took a few pictures,
mainly to test the new Nikon D300 I just bought.
But flash photography isnt really my bag of chips...
Luckily I got a bit of help from Fredrik ;-)


The latest results from the Snowmobile Dragracing in
Korpilombolo 24-25th of February.
Courtesy of the Shra Skellefteć timing crew.

Vintage snowmobile dragracing - Örviken 070224
New camera once again, and not the ideal weather combined with a shaky hand.
Not a recipe for great pictures, but heres a few anyways...

Vintage snowmobile dragracing - Skellefteć 070303

Much better weather. Alot brighter than
last weekend so the pics are much better :)

Car/Bike show - Skellefteć 070421
Not really that much race, but there are worse ways to spend a saturday.
Im not entirely happy with pics, the lights really made it hard to get
any decent shots. A few hours with Lightroom saved a few though...

Blackrace - Fällfors 070505
First Blackrace in Fällfors ever!
It was a loooong day,
setting everything up with the timing stuff took a few hours,
taking a few photos, and then packing everything up to go home...
But it was worth it. :)

Mopedracing - Skellefteć 070517

Hot twostroke mopeds on a gocart track.
Arranged by Trottlarna.
Great day at the track!

Banger racing - Skellefteć 070526
Warm, sunny and quite dusty...

Bmwcs North - Ćmsele 070602
The north division of the swedish Beemer club had once again arranged a trackday at the
ex military airbase in Ćmsele. Took a few pics before the lens decided to call it quits...

En dag pć strippen - Piteć 070609
Here we go... First dragstripvisit of the year.
Warm, sunny and almost not a cloud within sight.
And if you're wondering: yes, I did bring sunblock this time :)

Spring championship - Piteć 070610
So, here we go again...
Not quite as sunny as yesterday, but I dont mind.
Bring on the racers! :)

Blackrace - Fällfors 070616
The plans for Sundsvall kinda went out the window for various reasons,
so blackrace it is... And here are the pics...

Click the picture for the results.
Courtesy of the Shra Skellefteć timing crew.
The official homepage for the compo is here!

Midnight Sun - Piteć 070713
So finally, after a week of rain it cleared up just in time. :-)
Great day at the track, quite sunny but not too warm.
Top Doorslammer is without a doubt the favorite of the day.

Midnight Sun - Piteć 070714
Sooo... overslept a bit so I just had to skip breakfast to make up some time...
Time for round two at Lćngnäs =)

Midnight Sun - Piteć 070715
Time for eliminations...
Weather was perfect.
Slight breeze, a few clouds, but still warm.

Gold Town Summer Dragrace - Fällfors, Skellefteć 070721
Well, here we go again :)
Sunny, not too warm, with a pair of tiiiiny rainshowers before lunch.

Check out the report from Eurodragster North

Gold Town Summer Dragrace - Fällfors, Skellefteć 070722
So, here are the pictures from Sunday.
Weather was great. Warm, sunny and with a slight breeze.

And here is 1 hour of video from the weekend.
Not my best work, so I wont be getting an Oscar for it... :)
But then again, you get what you pay for and the videocam was dirtcheap.

Xvid 360x288 pixels @ 677 megs
Dvdcompliant mpeg2 720x576 pixels @ 3035 megs

Blackrace - Fällfors 070811
The weather took a turn for the worse once we had the timingstuff rigged.
A light rain started... fortunently it didnt get any worse and the track dried up.
So, here are a few pics and five minutes of video at 360x288 pixels and 59megs.

Sundsvall Raceway Nats - Sundsvall 070818
Wasnt sure about when the first start was, so of course I missed first round for
a few classes. But there wasnt exactly a shortage of teams there...

Sundsvall Raceway Nats - Sundsvall 070819
Day two, and I overslept a bit...
But there was plenty of racing to be seen either way.

Autumn Championship - Piteć 070825
The rain delayed the qualifying rather badly.
It wasnt dry on the track until 3pm and then there was only
time for 2 hours of racing.
But then again, the weather gods always have the final word.

Autumn Championship - Piteć 070826
Sadly the weather gods had decided on rain...
I took just a handful of pics in the pits.
At 1pm the call was made and the whole thing got cancelled.

Bmwcs North - Ćmsele 070901
Time to go racing with the Beemer club in Ćmsele again...
It was quite cold, and a few rainshowers.
But all in all, a rather fun saturday.


Snowmobile cross - Gumboda 060311
Weather looked ok, but the wind was quite cold from time to time.
And the start was delayed nearly 2 hours, due to track prepping.
I got a few pics once the race started though :)

Bmwcs North - Ćmsele 060520
The north division of the swedish Beemer club had a arranged a trackday
at the exmilitary airbase in Ćmsele. A good day of fun =)

En dag pć strippen - Piteć 060610
Yes, I did forget the sunblock yet again...
But it was still a fun day at the track. =)

Spring Championship - Piteć 060611
Brought sunblock today, and of course it was less sunny...
Although a bit short on drivers, quite an ok day.
Here is a short movie.
13:10 mins at 384x288, 162megs of mpeg.

Deep Forest Nats - Sundsvall 060617
Yepp, heres the pictures from Saturdays qualifications.
Too bad I couldnt be there for Sunday too.

Big thanks to Tage "Weekend Warrior" Avander and the team for
the camera ridealong and everything else.
MPEG1 384x288 @ 49 megs.
MPEG2 720x576 @ 178 megs.
Due to the volume in the car the camera went a bit bonkers...

Rallycross - Skellefteć 060625
Boring sunday...
Lets go watch some rallycross!

Blackrace - Umeć 060702
Yepp, it didnt rain this time =)

Midnight Sun - Piteć 060707
Midnight Sun - Piteć 060708
Midnight Sun - Piteć 060709
Quite a good weekend at the track. Rain was in the air at the finals...
But since Tage Avander took first place in Competition,
the rain afterwards didnt matter =)

After using a monopod with the videocamera most of the video is f-ed up,
but about 20 minutes is quite ok, dont expect a masterpiece in editing.
MPEG1 352x288 @ 200 megs
MPEG2 720x576 @ 900 megs.

GoldTown Summer Nats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 060715
GoldTown Summer Nats - Fällfors, Skellefteć 060716

Qualifying and elimination results are here!
Second time at the airstrip in Fällfors, and a really fun weekend.
Thanks to all of the racing teams for some good quality racing!

It was time for ridealong number two with Tage Avander.
This time with a homebrew mufflingdevice for the microphone...
MPEG2 720x576 @ 163 megs.
MPEG1 352x288 @ 37 megs.
Big thanks again for the camera ridealong!

Here is the movie from Fällfors.
49 minutes of fun in the sun ;-)
MPEG1 352x288 @ 495megs
MPEG2 720x576 @ 2229megs

Blackrace - Ćmsele 060805
Okey, so I was a bit of a lazy bastard and quite picky about what pictures to show...
But then again, there werent that many drivers either ;)
Here are the few pics that passed inspection though...

Click the picture for the results.
Courtesy of the Shra Skellefteć timing crew.
The official homepage for the compo is here!

Autumn Championship - Piteć 060826
Raindrops keep falling on my head....
Crappy weather until around 12:30, so there was a limited amount of time
to run the qualifications. But apart from that it was quite okey.
Watching the return of the carbonfibre Volvo PV from Hunchback Racing was
the definitive highlight of the day... That car kicks ass.

Autumn Championship - Piteć 060827
Great weather, and some great dragracing!
This was the kinda weather we should have had yesterday...

I have two runs by Hunchback Racing on video.
You know, the carbonfibre Volvo PV...
Well worth the look!
352x288 pixels of mpeg1 at around 28megs. or 720x576 pixels of mpeg2 at around 125megs.

Blackrace - Ćmsele 060909
Last chance of the season in Ćmsele. Atleast Blackracewise...
Pretty good day, although a bit windy.


Snowmobile cross - Gumboda 050226
Weather looked great when I woke up, but the wind was a bit annoying.
Thought I was gonna freeze my ears off so I looked like Kenny from South Park at the track.

Snowmobile cross - Skellefteć 050306
Yes, its time for some more snowmobile cross.
Liked the weather better this weekend =)

Blackrace - Umeć 050528
First blackrace of 2005. A bit windy, but sunny and a good day.
Movie is here 33:02 mins and 287 megs.

En dag pć strippen - Piteć 050611
Oh yes, first dragstrip sunburn of the season. :)
A movie also available, right here 29:34 mins and 380 megs.

Dvdcomplaint version is available...
Right here.
Approx 1.3 gigs of mpeg2.

Spring Championship - Piteć 050612
23 minute movie here approx 295 megs.

Too bad the rain came down when elimination was about to start...
I went home...

Blackrace - Umeć 050618
A bit short on drivers, I'd say...

Blackrace - Umeć 050702
Klockarbäcken after Wheels Nationals...
9:43 mins of film right here.
Approx 125 megs...

Midnight Sun - Piteć
8 - 10 of July
Its HOT at the track... :-)

Gold Town Summer Dragrace - Fällfors, Skellefteć
16 - 17 of July

First time ever in Fällfors, and it turned out very well.

Blackrace - Umeć 050813
I am not entirely happy with the result, but now there is video!
Even if the camera made a brave effort to ruin that... :)

25:33 minutes and 220 megs in 352x288 avi, right here
Higher resolution version of the above is 525 megs in 672x436 avi.

Autumn Championship - Piteć 050827
Another day at the dragstrip.
Too bad it started to rain towards the end.

Autumn Championship - Piteć 050828
Sunny and nice at the track for the qualifying...
But as the eliminations started, the rain and thunder closed in.
5 mins after the finals and its raining...

14:10 minutes of film, approx 313megs in 720x576pixels is right here
A bit wobbly at some points since its a handheld videocam.

Blackrace - Umeć 050910
Last blackrace of the season in Klockarbäcken.
Turned out to be quite a good day.

And there is a 24 minute movie too!
Small version is 304 megs in 384x288 mpeg1.
Big version is 720x576 and 1117 megs in dvdcompliant mpeg2.


Snowmobile cross! - Skellefteć 040208
Equipped with the new camera I was off to the track.
Took a while to get used to it, and the weather wasnt all that great.
So most didnt turn out that ok...

Snowmobile cross! - Gumboda 040228
This time the pics turned out quite ok actually =)
Guess good daylight and some practice makes a difference...

Carshow - Skellefteć 040424
Not really racerelated in anyway, but some very nice cars...

En dag pć strippen - Piteć 040529
It was cold, windy and then the rain came... Apart from that, it was fun ;)

Spring Championship - Piteć 040612
Left home while it was raining... Cleared up as I got to the track =)
Turned out to be a good day once the racing started.
Oh yeah, I tried to make a few movies with the camera, didnt work that great.
You'll be the judge... here they are

Spring Championship - Piteć 040613
Another day at the track with great racing. More pics and a few movies.
Movies are to be found here

Rallycross - Skellefteć 040627
Its hot, sunny and with a slight breeze of wind...
Time for some rallycross! (complete with roaddust and all)

Midnight Sun - Piteć 040709
Started off a bit chilly and windy. Cloud scattered during the afternoon,
so we got a bit of sun. Btw, Nitro FunnyCar is pretty impressive =)

Midnight Sun - Piteć 040710
Back at the track. Weather is looking good.
Made a few movieclips with the camera as well. Not topnotch quality but...

This turns out to be THE snapshot of the day (atleast for me).
Monika Öberg goes BOOM! during the last Top Fuel qualifingsession.
Nobody was hurt, the crew were busy taking it apart while Monika took care
of the cooking just 30 mins later...

Midnight Sun - Piteć 040711
Third day at the track. A bit tired from yesterday. Only got 5 hours of sleep.
A Coke and a hotdog for breakfast is the saviour ;)

Crosscart - Piteć 040719
This was an interesting form of motorsport. Never seen it before, actually.
It was the third round of the swedish championship.

Blackrace - Umeć 040813
4 movieclips
Klockarbäcken by night ;)

Autumn Championship - Piteć 040821
Late start due to rain during the night, 2.5 hours of qualifying and then
a quick rain came. Track clean and dry, just as the rain came back
for round 2... And that cancelled the rest of the qualifying.
Movieclips are here

Autumn Championship - Piteć 040822
A pretty good day of racing, eventhough the rain delayed the start a bit.
It cleared up, so we had a good day. 5 mins after the finals had been run
the sky turned pitch black and the rain came down again...
Movieclips are here

Blackrace - Umeć 040918
Turned out to be a good day at Klockarbäcken.
Tiresmoke, gasoline fumes and fast cars.
What else does a petrolhead need ? =)
Movieclips are here

Rallycross - Skellefteć 041002
Once again its time for some rallycross and banger racing. =)

Streetrace - Skellefteć 041003
Legal streetrace at Solbacken, Skellefteć.

Found some pictures in a box the other day...
Tullinge -98 o -99


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En dag pć Strippen med Bilsport.

Photos by Johannes Markström.

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