Midnight Sun - Piteň

Friday - 050708
Its HOT! at the track.
Water and sunscreen is a must.

I took a ride in the Eagle Racing 2seater and it was a blast!
The timeslip read 8.48sek and 246 km/h. Best spent money EVER!

Saturday - 050709
Its still hot at the track. Not a cloud in the sky.
I do love the crackling of nitromachines in the morning. :)

Just before I went home Tage Avander (in the yellow camaro)
nailed down 7.48sek and 270km/h
making him the number one qualifier in Competition.

Sunday - 050710
Yet another day at the track... Still hot and sunny.

I had to get another ride with the Eagle Racing 2seater
This time the timeslip showed 8.28sek and 235 km/h.
A better 60foot than before, so it was a good launch :-)
If you get the chance to ride it, do it!

I have the dvd image ready.
Its approx 100 minutes of footage all in all taped with a handheld
videocam, and not the most expensive one either I might add.
So, expect it to be a bit wobbly at some points.

Its only available through bittorrent due to the size.
Download a client from www.bittorrent.com and then
click on this link to start the download.
Once its complete just burn the msi-2005.iso on a dvd.